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11 Best Steakhouses in Atlanta

11 Best Steakhouses in Atlanta:

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Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

They’ve got Kobe beef meatballs and a better-than-a-street-vendor Philly on the menu, plus a giant wall of wine boasting a slew of solid bottles, but the next-level selection of ribeyes, sirloins, and filets are the stars of the show. A show you can watch being made from the chef’s counter overlooking the kitchen.


Sandy Springs
The newest comer in the meat game makes a statement in Sandy Springs with a Spanish-American hybrid menu that can easily please you with lamb, sea bass, foie gras, etc., but all the leather inside this wood-heavy space should remind you what you’re here for: the Braveheart Black Angus Beef.


The jackets, big red booths, and white tablecloths have been around since 1979, but just last year Bone’s received the highest rating for food and service of any steakhouse in America. That means almost everything here, like the dry-aged, bone-in, 20oz ribeye, is perfect.

Kevin Rathbun Steak

Old Fourth Ward
The man behind a decade’s worth of nationally ranked steak basically founded the entire O4W dining scene. Get into the Iron Chef contestant’s flagship spot for beef that is treated right. Kevin is one of the few chefs to advertise a steak cooked “blue,” which is the rarer than rare version that is right for every real carnivore.

Chops Lobster Bar

There is a reason this is the only restaurant in Atlanta ever to receive a shipment of A5 Kobe beef with a BMS (Beef Marbling Score) of 12 out of 12. The best beef in the world lives under these huge, tiled arches because Chef Ryan Delesandro treats it with the love, care, and respect that these sweet cuts deserve.

Highland Tap

This stone-walled, subterranean steak spot has been slinging classics cuts of beef since 1989, including generous portions of its slow-roasted prime rib and a 32oz Tomahawk Bone-In Ribeye that is perfect for a post-Bravos dining experience.


Everything from the leafy-green, French Quarter-esque balcony, to the to the gumbo and crawfish on the menu make it clear that this laid-back eatery is inspired by New Orleans, but the bone-in ribeyes and filet au poivre make it clear that Hal’s is also one of the city’s best steak spots, and the perfect place to go before hitting some of Buckhead’s sweet bars.

STK Atlanta

Celebrating the simplicity of a great steak by removing all those showy “vowels,” STK boasts a porterhouse and a cowboy ribeye that’ll fill you up, as well as anyone in the city, and the black truffle aioli tartare is the perfect way to start your meal… SKOR!

Gypsy Kitchen

The Spanish conquistadors of the Buckhead Atlanta development want to tease you with their tenderloin tips dipped in a cava-Cabrales blue fondue before they whip out their 32oz bone-in strip. GK gives you both ends of the cow, too, with a creamy variety of cheeses and cured meats to ponder while that beef cooks.

Parker’s on Ponce

The Scott brothers appropriately said that Decatur “desperately” needed a real steakhouse, and they have fulfilled that need with a dozen different delicious cuts that they improve upon with and a rich selection toppings like blue cheese, lobster oscar, and Béarnaise.

The Capital Grille

Known as the go-to place for important Atlanta business deals, the tan, two-story, dry-aging steak factory is as good for the next Braves prospect as it is for your next romantic prospect. You don’t need to go massive to get a great steak, either: the 14oz dry-aged sirloin with black truffle and gorgonzola butter, and a cherry cabernet reduction, will have you happily stuffing your grille.

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