Hennessy Transportation is a full service global ground transportation company.

We are an Atlanta, GA USA based company that services to over 500 cities around the globe.

Our focus is to provide our clients and employees with a pleasurable experience.Our client listing is not only unique, but has a mass in variety. We service the high-profile executive needing to work on the go while depending on us to be on location, on time. We provide services for movie actors and music artists that want and demand luxury. We assist in planning and executing the logistics of group travel; from Fortune 500 companies to Bridal Parties.

We provide transportation to people that want great service when traveling to and from the airport. We provide award-winning services to every client. No matter your account status, no matter the tenure with Hennessy, we value the opportunity. Simply put, and we think you’ll agree, we’re a company that remembers and is focused on grass-roots customer service.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is truly one that is practiced every moment, every day. To provide our clients with exceptional people, uncompromising service and exciting ambiance through our expertise. Our dispatch team, chauffeurs and logistics operators are ready to serve you, worldwide! Thank you for your interest in Hennessy Transportation.

The Foundation of Hennessy

Reservations & Dispatch

We are truly professionals. Our offices are staffed, 24 hours a day, with Reservationists and Dispatchers that are trained and understand the concepts of logistics. This group pays attention to detail when scheduling a reservation, making sure you receive information when needed and staying in touch with your flight status, to name a few. The ground transportation industry is a very challenging task for most as there are numerous variables that continue to make changes in plans. From weather to traffic and flights delays to last-minute reservations, Hennessy has the experience, the knowledge and the people to host these incoming variables at any moment. Regardless of your transportation arrangement, Hennessy is there to handle your needs. On location, on time!


The chauffeur, what an amazing position in our model. The one person that controls the majority of the Hennessy Transportation experience, image and brand is the Hennessy chauffeur. Our chauffeurs are people that have the utmost understanding in our whatever it takes philosophy. History will tell you that a chauffeur is a person that was hired by the wealthy to not only drive their car, but to service them throughout the trip; assisting them throughout the day with great service is what a chauffeur did. At Hennessy, that’s what a chauffeur does. Our chauffeurs have an image to maintain. They will do their best in making you comfortable, happy and safe. From schedule management to personal safety, rely on your Hennessy chauffeur.

Logistics Teams

The Hennessy Logistics Teams, a group of innovating talent. Depending on your manifest and transportation requirements, your trip (or trips) may go through the hands of a Logistics Operator.

This person works directly with the client. From putting your transportation package together to managing every minute of your manifest.

A Logistics Operator is the person that makes sure we’re waiting on you, not you waiting on us! Perhaps the most clever element of this position is the fact that you, and sometimes our own staff, never knew that a Logistics Operator assisted in your trip planning!

Organizations, Awards and Development

Hennessy Transportation is fully involved with the transportation industry. From direct input to car manufacturers, attending worldwide transportation conventions and working with the Department of Transportation, Hennessy Transportation is proud and honored to be in a position where our ideas, concepts and input truly make a difference. Our credentials further include:

  • Member, National Limousine Association
  • Member and Board Member, Greater Atlanta Limousine Association
  • Operator Of The Year Finalists, Chauffeur Driven
  • Legal Operator with Department of Public Safety
  • US DOT
  • Above Industry Insurance Requirements

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