Jack Daniels Tour Package

Tour The Jack Daniels Distillery!

Since 1866, the infamous Jack Daniels distillery has been making the finest Tennessee Whiskey in the world. Located in Lynchburg, TN, Hennessy Transportation and Brown-Forman have teamed up to bring you the perfect one-day tour for the very best in tasting, learning and understanding the Jack Daniels story.


Come see what they’re so proud of, because quite honestly they have a lot of reasons why! Whether it’s the charcoal filtering, or the toasting of the barrels all the way down to their ingredients: corn, rye, barley and pride! It could be an 8th wonder of the world in some senses, and best of all, you have the chance to experience this all in one day. Here’s how:

  • 7:00am (E) - Metrol Atlanta, GA pickup location (designated by client)
  • 10:30am (C) - Arrival to the Jack Daniels distillery (we gain an hour on the clock)
  • 12:30pm (C) - Lunch at the famous Mary BoBo’s (we'll need to make reservations soon!)
  • 1:30pm (C) - The world's largest JD gift shop in the square of Lynchburg
  • 2:00pm (C) - Enroute to Atlanta, GA
  • 7:00pm (E) - Arrival to pickup location, trip complete

(E) denotes Eastern Standard Time and (C) denotes Central.

Pricing for this package is dependent on the time of year and number of guests. Please inquire by calling our offices at 770-667-8788 for a custom group proposal, you’ll be glad you did. Cheers!

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