Chauffeur vs. Driver

What Makes A Chauffeur, A Chauffeur?

Limousine with driverThe job of a Chauffeur is demanding. It’s a job that requires knowledge while having the ability to multi-task, respond to a customers needs, monitor traffic patterns, an understanding of the vehicle they are operating and being safe. A chauffeur is often thought of being a driver. At Hennessy Transportation, our drivers are chauffeurs. We have a screening process, a training program and a continuous process that enables them to be the best in the industry.

The True Difference

When hiring a driver, their priority is to get you to where you need to be, and off to the next trip. A chauffeur, whether it be for a transfer or hourly arrangement, is focused on their passengers comfort and safety. A chauffeur is a position that communicates with their passenger as an assistant. Furthermore, they’re focused on your comfort. For example, a chauffeur is anticipating the experience of how you feel when approaching that upcoming left turn. Or how you feel when approaching and negotiating the speed bump. Perhaps when entering a clean vehicle and being offered a chilled water is what makes you feel good. Or maybe it’s the attention to detail your chauffeur observes while driving. A chauffeur driving a vehicle for you is truly an all-inclusive riding experience. At Hennessy, we work hard in making sure your experiences are flawless.

Hennessy Chauffeur Standards

  • State Approved Driving History
  • Criminal Background Check, FBI Fingerprinted
  • 25 Years Of Age Or Older
  • Clean Image, Well Spoken
  • Maintains Integrity Within The Industry
  • Holds Pride In What They Do


Our Mission

Every day our chauffeurs, and entire staff, is reminded of the Hennessy Mission Statement: To provide our clients with exceptional people, uncompromising service and exciting ambiance through our expertise. Our dispatch team, chauffeurs and logistics operators are ready to serve you, worldwide! Thank you for your interest in Hennessy Transportation.

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