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Hennessy Transportation – a Cooper Global Company

Dear Customers, Friends and Fans of Hennessy Transportation,

I have the great pleasure of announcing that Hennessy Transportation is now a Cooper-Global company and both agencies are officially operating as one. This is the joining of two extraordinary chauffeured transportation companies that are very similar in vision and culture. With strengths that are highly complementary, this will enable us to provide a new and broader set of services and ground transportation solutions to you. Johan DeLeeuw, Larry Cooper, Dennis Cooper and I will serve as the management team of your new Cooper-Global company.

Both companies are extremely proud of the quality of services our teams and chauffeurs provide. And with this new acquisition and merger we are able to provide the strongest and most efficient service experience available in the market. Please understand that the Hennessy Transportation brand, staff and booking processes will be here with the same focus, the same high quality chauffeured services and the same teams that you have come to know. However, it did get much bigger! And as bigger doesn’t always mean better, in this instance it does. In other words, there are a lot of exciting changes ahead, but the processes you are familiar and comfortable with are not going anywhere! Whether you email, call or go online to book your trip, that is still in effect for you and always will be.

What changes do we have on the horizon for you? A lot! As Cooper-Global is the largest chauffeured transportation company in Georgia and the Southeast, we are now, too. Our abilities to assist you on a global level is now backed by our award-winning customer service. The “whatever it takes” philosophy that we’ve had since inception, is a core-focus to maintain and build for our customers. As the leader in chauffeured transportation services and group logistics management, we pledge our continued commitment to deliver the best possible ground transportation services to you and your travelers.

The Hennessy and Cooper acquisition and merger provides you and your travelers with an extensive 100+ vehicle fleet, ranging from sedans, SUVs, vans, executive vans, minibuses and executive minibuses as well as 56 passenger coach buses. Our entire chauffeur family and fleet are ready at a moments notice to service your ground transportation needs anywhere your travels take you.

For Hennessy Transportation it has always been about our clients, their travelers and our company culture. As a new unit, that will continue to be our vision – new vehicles, clean fleet and awesome people. We are dedicated to increase the quality support you have come to expect from us without interruption.

All contact details, such as phone numbers, GDS connectivity, web addresses and email addresses remain unchanged, so please continue the same channels you have been using to make your chauffeured transportation reservations. Simply put, overall, our company is a brand inside the Cooper-Global family. One immediate change to expect is your billing will soon show Cooper-Global.

You will hear much more about this acquisition and merger in the near future and I welcome any questions or concerns you may have. You may connect with me directly via phone or email (contact information follows). Also, our chauffeurs are very excited as this brings on more opportunities for them, too.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for allowing my company to be one of the best customer service oriented chauffeured companies in Atlanta! Without our wonderful customers, friends and fans, we would never have accomplished such an amazing combination of brands. My team and I remain committed to providing you with the highest quality of services and I look forward to our continued partnership and working with you in the years to come.

Kirkley Hennessy
Hennessy Transportation – a Cooper Global Company
770-667-8788, ext. 717
kirkley.hennessy < at > hennessytransportation.com

Hennessy TransportationHennessy Transportation – a Cooper Global Company