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Don’t Choose An Illegal Limousine Carrier!

For your protection, the State of Georgia and the Department of Public Safety tour the city looking for illegal limousine carriers. These operators usually don’t meet safety and/or insurance requirements. It’s not only bad business and lacking good character, it’s a risk that you’re taking and we want you to be aware of it. The price you’re being charged is the first example. If the price isn’t comparable to others, there’s usually a reason for it. Simply put, companies that operate without the proper permits are putting you, your passengers and the special event being celebrated at risk. The hassle of having your “limousine driver” arrested and you being left stranded without transportation is also a contributing factor. The Police agencies are hammering hard on illegal carriers and the arrests are growing while taking illegal carriers off the road. Help in keeping your community safe by choosing a legal limousine carrier.

Isn’t it important that your chauffeur is licensed?

A permitted and legal chauffeur has undergone a criminal and driving background check. An illegal operator has not, and most likely has a less than acceptable criminal and/or driving history. Don’t jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers. Go with a company, such as Hennessy Transportation, that you can trust.

Reliability. Saftey. Quality Assurance. Trust.

These are factors you need to consider when planning an event in a limousine. To validate a company, click here.

Online Booking.

GENERAL POLICIES / TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Pricing is all inclusive. This includes your suggested chauffeur gratuity, permits, chauffeur and costs to Hennessy Transportation. If you choose to award your chauffeur an additional tip, you are welcome to do so via cash, check or credit card. All additional credit card charge requests must be handled through the Hennessy Transportation office staff. Charges that are incurred such as tolls and parking will be added to your trip amount upon completion. Additional services requested by client (such as balloons, drinks, snacks, flowers, etc.) are billed at the actual cost plus a 30% service charge. A valid credit card is required to place a reservation. The total estimated trip amount will be authorized prior to this trip. After this trip has been completed, this transportation arrangement will be audited for any applicable additional charges/time and charge any additional fees to the card on file unless other accepted payment arrangements have been made. Overtime is based on availability of the vehicle(s) and chauffeur(s). Overtime rate is billed at the same hourly/charge rate issued to original trip. However, there are particular circumstances that the overtime rate is billed up to, but not to exceed, 150% of the original hourly/charge rate. This rate is dependent on special events and/or time of day. To learn what your overtime rate will be, you agree to call the Hennessy Transportation dispatch at 770-667-8788. Hennessy Transportation and any of it’s employees, affiliates, or partners are not liable for delays caused by accidents, airlines, breakdowns, weather, traffic, or conditions beyond our control. Client hereby allows Hennessy Transportation a 15 minute variance from the scheduled pick up time without any discounts or penalties to Hennessy Transportation. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in any Hennessy Transportation vehicle. Alcohol is not allowed on board at anytime if any passenger does not meet the legal age. Any and all illegal substances and/or unsafe behavior justifies immediate termination of the trip, with the total trip fare to be billed at full price. Any additional clean up of bodily fluids constitutes a minimum $500.00 fee. At Hennessy Transportation we take great care of our clients. We also take great care of our chauffeurs/drivers. This includes a zero-tolerance disrespect policy. AT NO TIME IS TREATING YOUR CHAUFFEUR WITH A LESS THAN PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE ALLOWED. Should the chauffeur/driver feel it to be necessary, he/she/they have the right to cancel your transportation arrangement at anytime, with your fare to be collected in full. All vehicles are equipped with exterior perimeter and interior driver cameras for your safety. All reservations for proms & special events call for the balance to be paid 14 days prior to event date. Any damages from the client or any passengers on board will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card on file. Any damages that do not allow the vehicle to be assigned on an event during the times of repair and cause lost revenue to Hennessy Transportation will be the responsibility of the client. All deposits and payments made towards this arrangement/reservation are non-refundable. Any cancellations made on or after 3 days before the trip date, will be charged in full. Failure to be present at the designated pick up location within 30 minutes of the pick up time scheduled will be charged a “No Show” fee for the entire amount of the trip. If you are unable to locate your chauffeur, you must notify Hennessy Transportation by phone at 770-667-8788 within 30 minutes from the scheduled pick up time to avoid these fees. All transfer (point-to-point) arrangements allow for a 15 minute wait time. Anything over the 15 minutes constitutes the transfer (point-to-point) to begin as a charter (hourly). All minimum rates and number of hours apply. AIRPORTS: Wait times for airport arrivals allow a 45 minute period from the landing time of the monitored flight. After this time period the rate defaults to the minimum hourly rate for the preferred vehicle assigned to this trip. Please note, we will track your flight for you. Any cancelled flight not reported from client will be billed in full. IF YOU CAN NOT LOCATE YOUR CHAUFFEUR AT ANY SCHEDULED PICKUP LOCATION, YOU MUST CALL 770-667-8788 WITHIN 30 MINUTES FROM SCHEDULED P/UP TIME TO AVOID ANY LATE CANCEL OR NO-SHOW FEES. CANCELLATIONS & CARD CHARGE/PAYMENT IN FULL TIMES: Charters: 7 days.  Transfers: 24 hours.  Weddings, Proms, Concerts, Specials: 14 days.

DUTY OF CARE: Hennessy Transportation reserves the right to distribute (farm out) your reservation to another operator (affiliate) at any time with or without notice.


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