Private Air Charter

Be it business or pleasure, you have a private or group charter option with Hennessy’s premium air services. Whatever you need, you benefit from the unrivaled experience & global supplier relations backed by our 24/7 superior support.

Private Jet: up to 19 passengers

For up to 19 passengers, fly on your own terms, without long-term contracts or hidden fees! Wherever your travels take you, Hennessy’s private air concierge provide a seamless, flexible private air charter jet service.

Popular Aircraft Models:

  • Challenger 300
    A new super-midsize business jet with full standing head room, separate washroom and large baggage hold. Often an economical, yet attractive alternative to the larger jets.
  • Cessna Citation Excel
    A new-generation midsize jet offering standing headroom, forward galley and rear washroom/toilet.
  • Embraer Legacy
    A new generation regional jet converted with a private jet cabin. Extremely popular, quiet and fast aircraft. Highly recommended
  • Cessna Citation Jet 2
    The Citation Jet 2 offers great comfort and style whilst remaining practical and economical

5 Reasons To Fly Private:

  • Convenience and luxury
  • 24/7 FBO support with stellar customer service
  • Highest safety standards
  • Bundle your ground transportation wherever your destination takes you
  • Hennessy Premium available across the globe
THE JETCARD: Enjoy guaranteed availability at 12 hours notice with 100% refundable account balances, round-trip discounts, and flight hours that never expire.

Group Air Charter: 20+ passengers

Whatever line of business you’re in, we can be the perfect private air charter partner. Industries including Sport, Music and Film, Meeting & Incentive, and Oil and Gas. It means that if you need to transport any number from 20 to 20,000 passengers, we can be your absolute air charter provider.

The Hennessy concierge team can work for you with a dedicated account manager at your service, organizing every aspect of your charter flight, from air transport to ground transport, connections and transfers to accommodation, security and in-flight services. We can even brand your aircraft to make you look impressive on the ground and outstanding in the air.

All on your budgets, forecast and demand.

For long-term charter programs, such as those needed by tour operators and cruise companies, our series charter experts are on-hand to find you the best air charter solution. And if you don’t need a whole aircraft, why not take advantage of our travel agency’s group booking benefits! Inquire with the Hennessy Air team for more information.

SERVICE PLUS: From discreet air charter to branding your name on the plane, we can make built your flight(s) with options to enhance your travel experience and corporate branding campaign.

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