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Private Jet bookings now available!

Private Jet Bookings

The ultimate way to travel, private jet bookings and air charter provides flexible, discrete, secure and luxurious travel; whether for corporate functions, personal use or entertainment purposes. Hennessy Transportation has the ability to deliver a seamless ground/air solution providing an unequalled travel experience and seldom acquainted by most.
private jet bookings
Hennessy Transportation has teamed up with one of the leading global suppliers of private air charter to provide private jet bookings: A world-class, publicly traded company, which has been working within the aviation industry for over 50 years. This enables Hennessy to support every kind of business travel with any aircraft type, for every conceivable destinated, anywhere in the world. We have the direct working relationship with 20 offices spanning Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, that operate a full 24/7 flight operations center. This allows us to give clients instant access to their private air charter services whenever and wherever they need them. And with longer business experience than most of the competition, their team of aviation professionals regularly organizes some of the most complex civil aviation operations flown in the world today.


Convenience and luxury
24/7 FBO support with stellar customer service
Highest safety standards
Included ground transportation wherever your destination takes you
Hennessy Premium available across the globe



For more information and pricing please note we can only quote for flights that will occur within the next 45 days: (855) 443-6637. More information online: Private Air Charter

Popular Aircraft Models:

  • Challenger 300
    A new super-midsize business jet with full standing head room, separate washroom and large baggage hold. Often an economical, yet attractive alternative to the larger jets.
  • Cessna Citation Excel
    A new-generation midsize jet offering standing headroom, forward galley and rear washroom/toilet.
  • Embraer Legacy
    A new generation regional jet converted with a private jet cabin. Extremely popular, quiet and fast aircraft. Highly recommended
  • Cessna Citation Jet 2
    The Citation Jet 2 offers great comfort and style whilst remaining practical and economical
Hennessy TransportationPrivate Jet bookings now available!