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Private Jet Charter: Why Fly Private?

Private Jet Charter: Why Fly Private? And, it’s amazing benefits!

Other than it being just “plane” fabulous, here are some great reasons to fly private:

  • Your departure times can be much more flexible for obvious reasons:
    It’s your private jet! Just keep in mind that your flight crew like to typically begin preparing your craft an hour in advance, so you’ll want to be mindful of any delays you may be experiencing.
  • Giant time saver:
    You wont have to experience the pesky TSA lines or liquid restrictions, so bring on the wine! I would simply recommend clearer liquids as anything dark comes with high cleaning costs due to unexpected turbulence in the air. You just never know!
  • Convenience:
    Private jets have 10x as many airports to fly in and out of making it much more desirable for it’s passengers.
  • Pilot experience & safety:
    This is certainly an important conversation with your jet operator. Good news is that most major fleet operators that own and operate their aircraft have spotless records. This can help you rest easy.
  • Comfort:
    Plain and simple. It’s you…your guests….the amazing flight crew of your choice and pure luxury. Reclining seats, great views, clean bathrooms and the most luxurious experience of your life. Shall I go on???…..  V.I.P.  That should make anyone smile.
  • And finally, I can make sure we have your flights booked and luxury ground transportation handled in any city your destination takes you!

Want pricing on your executive air and ground manifest? Please contact me as I am here to help.

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