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Secreto Kitchen & Cuisine in Alpharetta

Hennessy Transportation happily introduces you to Secreto! Conveniently located in Alpharetta off Windward Parkway, we suggest Secreto for your next corporate dinner outing! Contact Mr. Paulo or Chef Boyd.

From Secreto:

Inspired by the countless meals we have shared in our own home with friends over the years, Secreto is a restaurant devoted to family, friends and community. We are committed to providing fresh and innovative food and memorable times.

We offer a farm-to-table Southern inspired menu that balances amazing ingredients regionally available for those willing to look a little harder. The menu is complimented by homemade desserts, hand-crafted cocktails, and a wonderful selection of beers and wines.

About Secreto

It translates to secret, in this case, it is the secret art of amazing food.

Creating food and an atmosphere that are amazing. On the sensory. A place where creations are from secret recipes that were handed down, recreated, evolved and perfected from chef Boyd and his history of passion for food, flavor and guest experiential. Utilizing the finest hand selected ingredients that make dishes that truly amaze the palette. With a farm to table level of ingredients this is not just another restaurant, this is not just food. The is a sensory experience. This is secreto.

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