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TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW when booking your corporate event hotel location!

Atlanta, Georgia is home to more than 18 Fortune 500 companies. It’s growing economy is bringing in over $15 billion dollars to the hospitality industry alone! The growth of our city has made Atlanta one the of the top destinations for conventions AND tourisms!

When booking your next event, you definitely want to get the most bang for your company dollar, right?

Here are a few inside secrets to know when booking your corporate event hotel location.

  • If you had two factors to consider first….Be sure to compare rates as location and occupancy can increase or decrease based on time of year
  • Cleanliness of the guest rooms and common areas.  If you raise an eyebrow at certain areas during your site visit….you may want to take note.  Typically, if you are going to question one area…..there may be more areas that might become a bigger issue later. ( water damage..mildew smell…pool )
  • Your hotel sales person. This person is the beginning of planning your event and who will go to bat for you if anything unnecessary happens during your stay.  If that person doesn’t seem to have interest, you may want to question the person you are working with….or hotel.
  • Be sure there are not any hidden fees. Resort fees can range anywhere from $5.00-$60.00 depending on the property. This would include the “perks” of being at the resort…meaning, complimentary local calls/ newspaper etc. If this extra fee isn’t in the cards for your company budget.  Move on.  There are plenty of great hotels that do not charge a resort fee.
  • Be sure your Service Manager is willing and ready to begin detailing your event. If they are unable to reach out to you or are not responding to your emails, then be sure to speak up.  This is one of the major influences of your event being a success. They are working directly with the catering and events team and can make your event easy or much more difficult for the rest of the hotel staff.  The details of your event ARE important!
Want more advice? Speak with a professional in the hotel and travel industry, with over 15 years experience in booking and special event management:
Contact: Audrey Sullivan | audrey < dot > sullivan < at > hennessytransportation.com (770) 667-8788 ext. 817
adminTOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW when booking your corporate event hotel location!

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